Re-Elect Patti Logsdon!

Patti's track record as our County Supervisor shows she's a a neighbor and a friend, NOT a politician!

Prioritizing Public Safety

Patti protects funding for law enforcement to ensure our neighborhoods, roads, and parks are safe!

Roads & Maintenance

Patti votes to take care of county roads, not allowing politicians to be shortsighted and ignore our needed roadwork.

Cut Wasteful Spending

Patti is dedicated to cutting wasteful spending, in an effort to both lower taxes and improve essential services.

Meet Patti Logsdon

Patti Logsdon’s background and the experience she will bring to the office of Milwaukee County Supervisor, will help her serve the people of Milwaukee County to the best of her ability.

Patti’s experience includes working as an accountant for over 35 years while raising a family, and remaining active in the community as a poll worker, cheerleading coach, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and Board Member of several local Milwaukee County non-profit organizations.

A Master’s in Accounting from Alverno College and her business experience at a Fortune 500 Company will assist her with implementing the issues and overseeing the financials in Milwaukee County.

Married for 37 years to her high school sweetheart, though currently widowed, Patti is a cancer survivor, proud mom of Bradley and Melissa, joyful grandmother to Samantha, Alison, Connor, and Matthew, and a lifelong resident of Milwaukee County.

She is known as fair, honest, and respectful and will remain true to her principles.  Patti is a concerned citizen who would be honored to work as a Public Servant for her community.


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

It's been an honor to serve on the Milwaukee Board of Supervisors to help manage our county government for the past four years.  I'm running for office again this election and ask for your vote.  I got involved because I was concerned that Milwaukee County could go the wrong direction if there was not someone in those meetings, loyal to the community, to monitor what's going on and continue to keep the public informed.  We need someone who understands the numbers and the policies and who can guard the taxpayer's dollar in the right way.  I have over 35 years of accounting experience, a masters degree, and am a life-long resident who has raised a family here in our community.   We should be proud  of our elected officials, rather than continuously worried that they will  raise our taxes while cutting the most important services.

• I will vote YES to prioritizing public safety and law enforcement in our billion-dollar budget.
• I will stay watchful so our contractors and partners will deliver on their promises.
• I will continue to inform the public of decisions that are made at the courthouse that will affect our community.
I would be honored to earn your vote on April 5th so that we can together change the direction of Milwaukee County and move our community forward.
Patti Logsdon


Cut Wasteful Spending

I plan on serving the Milwaukee County Taxpayers by being a good steward of their tax dollars and will work to stop unnecessary spending.  I will work with the County Executive on ways to streamline the budget in order to prioritize critical services while holding the County Board accountable for poor fiscal decisions.

Public Safety

One of the most pressing issues facing Milwaukee County is safety.  Residents of the 9thDistrict deserve to be safe in their homes, schools and neighborhoods.  I will support county law enforcement and will support not allowing funds to be diverted from public safety to entitlement programs.  I will focus on making this a safe community where we can raise our families and maintain our parks while staying within our budget.

Roads & Maintenance

The negligence of the current County Board majority has resulted in the poor conditions of our roads.  There are several “emergency” road / bridge projects in Milwaukee County District 9 that were defunded in the current budget.  It is crucial to the community’s safety that we complete these projects to prevent potential accidents or injuries.

I believe that the above challenges can be addressed, but only by leaders who are willing to work with and respect others that they may not always disagree with. I promise to focus on representing you wisely.

With your help, we can change the direction of County government and move this community forward. I pledge to be your voice.



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When to Vote!

  • General Election:

    April 2, 2024