Patti Logsdon

Patti Logsdon’s background and the experience she will bring to the office of Milwaukee County Supervisor, will help her serve the people of Milwaukee County to the best of her ability.

Patti’s experience includes working as an accountant for over 35 years while raising a family, and remaining active in the community as a poll worker, cheerleading coach, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and Board Member of several local Milwaukee County non-profit organizations.

A Master’s in Accounting from Alverno College and her business experience at a Fortune 500 Company will assist her with implementing the issues and overseeing the financials in Milwaukee County.

Married for 37 years to her high school sweetheart, though currently widowed, Patti is a cancer survivor, proud mom of Bradley and Melissa, joyful grandmother to Samantha, Alison, Connor, and Matthew, and a lifelong resident of Milwaukee County.

She is known as fair, honest, and respectful and will remain true to her principles.  Patti is a concerned citizen who would be honored to work as a Public Servant for her community.