Cut Wasteful Spending.

I plan on serving the Milwaukee County Taxpayers by being a good steward of their tax dollars and will work to stop unnecessary spending.  I will work with the County Executive on ways to streamline the budget in order to prioritize critical services while holding the County Board accountable for poor fiscal decisions.

Public Safety.

One of the most pressing issues facing Milwaukee County is safety.  Residents of the 9thDistrict deserve to be safe in their homes, schools and neighborhoods.  I will support county law enforcement and will support not allowing funds to be diverted from public safety to entitlement programs.  I will focus on making this a safe community where we can raise our families and maintain our parks while staying within our budget.

Roads & Maintenance .

The negligence of the current County Board majority has resulted in the poor conditions of our roads.  There are several “emergency” road / bridge projects in Milwaukee County District 9 that were defunded in the current budget.  It is crucial to the community’s safety that we complete these projects to prevent potential accidents or injuries.

I believe that the above challenges can be addressed, but only by leaders who are willing to work with and respect others that they may not always disagree with.  I promise to focus on representing you wisely.

With your help, we can change the direction of County government and move this community forward.  I pledge to be your voice.